Declaration of Accessibility

Last update 2016/08/01

Up to a quarter of the population has difficulties accessing the internet: people with hearing, mobility or visual impairments, third age, and more.

We are committed and take action to make this site accessible also to people with impairments and special needs.

To achieve this goal, we have made the necessary adjustments to the site's main parts (as detailed below), adhering to the principals laid by W.C.A.G 2 Accessibility Regulations level 2 (AA), as closely as possible. It should be noted that we have not selected the easier, cheaper solution of an "accessibility menu", but have invested much time and effort to make the site itself accessible to all our users.

The site is accessible on:

  • Desktop – Site content was tested on the leading browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer 9 or higher, using NVDA screen reader.
  • Mobile – Site content was tested on the leading browsers: Android browsers and Safari, using build-in screen-readers: TalkBack on Android devices and VoiceOver on iPhone devices.

We are happy to announce that all main areas of this site comply with accessibility principles. We will continue in our relentless effort to make all areas of this site accessible.

The accessible areas include:

  • Navigation menus
  • Search events by category, date or name
  • The entire process of ticket purchase, including seat selection from a seating plan
  • The entire process of merchandise purchase
  • The Basket, Order and confirmation page


Help us make this site better! If you encounter any difficulty, please email us at :

Please include as many details as possible as to the nature and location of the problem:

  • Problem description
  • The operation you tried to perform
  • The page you were in
  • Browser type and version
  • Operating System
  • Type of assistive technology (if you have used any)